Mu-so Qb and Bluetooth

Good afternoon, guys, I just wanted to ask you something about my Mu-so Qb and the Bluetooth connection.
Most of the times, when I’m at home, I like to listen to the podcasts of my favourite radio programs.
If I use AirPlay the quality is quite excellent, if I use Bluetooth (on my Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone), the quality is not as good and, most of all, the volume is strangely low…
Has anyone else experienced such an issue???

Yes, when I first purchased my Mu-so Qb I bought it in order to learn about network streaming, so the very first connection was Bluetooth. The sound lacked impact and PRat and was very un-Naimlike. Changing to a proper wi-fi connection brought about a substantial increase in sound quality, bass extension and volume, as you mentioned. I know that Bluetooth offers an improved version for audio but I’ve never bothered as the networked version sounds fine.

Thank you, Blackmorec…
So, if I’m not mistaken, you’re saying that if I want a good quality from these podcasts (I’d be happy just with a decent volume level) I have to play these from “inside” the Naim app???
Unfortunately, some radio stations (in Italy, at least) tend to use their own apps rather than publicly releasing their podcasts…

The problem is that you are using an Android device, which would be fine with the newer Naim devices, as they support Chromecast, but the QB only supports AirPlay. This would be ideal if you had an iOS device. I believe there are ways to play music over AirPlay from Android devices using third party apps which may work for you.
(Have you searched the Naim iRadio input to see if the stations you want are there? It can take a bit of digging to find them.)

An extra bit of hardware but if you can get hold of a Chromecast Audio (though discontinued i think) you can connect directly from your Android to it (similar to AirPlay) and it will go into a digital input on the Qb. This works very well for me.

Thanks, David… Yes, I think Chromecast Audio is the only workaround to try and fix the issue.
Of course, there’s many apps on the Google Store allowing you to stream audio files to an AirPlay “server”, but, in order to stream from a specific app with its own stream, I need something different.
Thank you so much.

Yes, unless you are using iTunes on Android, you probably can’t use a third party app to send it via AirPlay, so a Chromecast Audio would be a good option for minimal cost. Although discontinued, there are still new ones for sale online.

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