Mu-so QB freezes while streaming iRadio

Dear all,

At first - hello, my name is Artur and I just joined the community :slight_smile:
Secondly, I’m writing because of my issue with Naim Mu-so QB 1st gen.

Whole system freezes after couple of minutes playback of iRadio. Then system is even not recognized within my network…

Selection of Spotify allow to stream all day long without a single lag. So definitely something with iRadio…

I attach my specs:


Any solution/idea how to figure this out?
Thanks a lot and take care!

Hi Artur, and welcome to the Forums!

Is it any particular radio station, or all stations?

Hi Clare,

Listening to RMF CLASSIC (Polish radio) it was an issue.

Now I’m streaming Naim Radio and seems to be fine…
Any steps I should take to maybe solve the issue with Radio Broadcaster? What I shall I say them so they are aware what to fix?


Hi Artur,
It’s usually a technical issue re the stream, which may then cause issues with the radio platform we use (vTuner). Again, not my area of expertise - i know @Stevesky is insanely busy, but sure he’ll see this.

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Hi Artur,

I have been playing RMF Classic here without any issues on Mu-so Gen 1 and same fw versions as you.
Can you confirm if you still have a problem listening to RMF Classic this morning?


Dear Roland

Yes they persist. Instead I’m listening other stations (e.g. Naim Radio) which works fine whole day yesterday without any interruption.

When you have Internet radio streaming issues it is best to check out the stream on vTuner using a web browser to see if you find the same issue. I have no trouble with RMF Classic stream: vTuner Internet Radio

Can you stream the station from its web site via a tablet?
I had something similar recently where the app variously couldn’t find the streamer or if it could it was never ready, but airplay still worked.
QB2 in my case.

Dear Artur,

All is still working fine for me. Can you contact who will be able to help support you with the problem you’re seeing?


Dear all
Thanks for all the replies. I’ve been listening other radios and Spotify recently during the week. Worked flawless!

Today, around 15 minutes ago I played RMF Classic and it started to break down… so I will write them and see what’s the reply.

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