Mu So Qb Gen 2 - Questions: Presets - Alarm

i had the mu so gen 2. i remember that i could set a tidal playlist as an alarm.

i just bought the mu so qb gen 2 and i do not see this option anymore.


how can i set a spotify / tidal playlist as one of the 5 different presents via the app?

alarm bug?: when i want to set an alarm and i define the time, it changes to the time at the very moment i did the alarm setup.

example: 8pm, i open the app to set an alarm for 7am, i save the alarm. once i am on the alarm overview page, it shoes 8pm.

are these known bugs?

  1. For a spotify playlist, play the list via spotify connect, open the Naim app, select at the bottom the current number. Than I think on the right side press the three dots and there you have the option to save as favorites and preset, but for the presets there must be an unassigned available.

no support for the alarm bug? the naim app and mu so qb2 is just a disaster in comparison to the competitors.

You should contact Naim support if you are having problems.

i did that and i try to workout a solution now.

can anybody try to set an alarm for e.g. 7am in the morning with an android smartphone and a mu so qb gen 2? does it work with right times?


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