Mu-So Qb generation 1 keeps cutting out

Hi there,

I’ve had my Qb for about 4 years. Recently I have had to plug it in using Ethernet as it doesn’t connect to my google nest home hub.

It keeps cutting out when playing the radio and it’s driving me crazy! I have 100mb broadband.

Can someone help with suggestions?

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The usual suggestion and one that’s worked for me in the past, is to switch things off including your router and any other devices that might act as DHCP servers, then power everything back up one step at a time, starting with the router and giving each one time to fully stabilise before powering up the next device.

The 100mb broadband is irrelevant - it’s your wifi that is letting it down. You ned to fix that somehow - there is a current thread on the issue.

Irrelevant as he’s said it’s plugged in and using ethernet.

I had a similar issue with my Unitilite the other day, it just kept cutting out on streaming, tidal etc. I had dismantled everything to move things around and then put it back together again. I suspect something went with teh IP address. So did a factory reset and all was fine again.

Ok thanks all, I will try a reset tomorrow and see how I get on! :grin:

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