Mu-so Qb keeps dropping WiFi connection

Hello. HELP!
I have a 1st generation Mu-so Qb. I recently moved my home office and the speaker came with me, despite some initial issues getting reconnected to the WiFi, it worked fine the first time.
The next day when I turned it on and tried playing the Radio, nothing. I reset the Wifi connection and started again, eventually the speaker reconnected to WiFi and I was able to play the radio all day with no issues.
Day three, same thing, would not connect to WiFi, couldn’t find the speak on the App, so reset the Wifi again!!!
Day four, yep, same again. I have tried to find reasons for this online but nothing I have tried has worked.
I have a BT Hub 6 but use a TP-Link Deco P9 nest, set to Access Point, around the house. The closest P9 is about 8 feet away so there are no issues with WiFi signal, but I can’t have a wired connection.
Hoping someone can help?

The good old poor network situation.
It’s really a case of making sure that your wifi network is bullet proof.
Some settings in your router may be causing issues or even the 2.4ghz or 5ghz frequencies used by wifi. QB1 prefer 2.4ghz so make sure you seperate them to be sure.
Implementation of wifi is not my forté, so have a good search on this forum and you should find plenty of great suggestions and remedies.

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