Mu-so qb new at home

Hi, today I got a Muso qb. For years I liked it for a sltra my room. Beautiful sound and already updated to firmware 1.8. I wanted to ask with app open about settings what it means cleaning mode on other settings. Thank you

Hi Andrea, cleaning mode stops the touchpad of the volume knob working. The problem with the Qb is that if you use a cloth to clean it, you run the risk of turning on an input and it getting loud. So cleaning mode stops the touch buttons in the volume working while you clean it, then you can turn it back in again.

Thanks, very kind, so it should be activated in case of wheel cleaning … Are there other settings to know?

There are two tone control settings.
Look for Loudness, it does what old loudness buttons does I think, boosts the bass and maybe treble,if you think your room needs it.
Also look for Room Settings. It asks how close your Qb is to a wall, then sets the bass level.
Try these to see what works in your room.

They’re the only ones I’ve played with on my Qbs, it’s worth trying them to get a sound you like. For my taste the loudness is unnecessary, the Qb is pretty bassy anyway, room position has made a difference when I’ve taken a Qb on holiday and used it in a big open room as the system.

where did you get the firmware upgrade from ? I would like to do so with mine

For update go to the App naim settings (the wheel at the top right). However, buying the Muzzle Qb now is worthwhile, for what is needed in secondary rooms at half the price of the future qb2 … He lacks the eighth of the cast but it is not a problem worth 500 or 300 € more which justifies the future price … :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Any info I missed? Or a guess based on the new muso 2?

On the Mu-so settings I see SONORITY. What does it mean?

Presumably it is intended for use when playing quietly, when your ears lose sensitivity at the extremes, making them otherwise seem to roll off.

I’m surprised no-one yet has produced an intelligent loudness control using DSP, linked to a microphone that you could put at the listening position for calibration, so that it can closely match the boost to what your ears willperceive in the room…

I’d have to look up the details - but I read in a computer magazine about some AV-receivers with a longish measurement period at the beginning (being shipped with a microphone; also for “room adjustment”) and some rather “smart” programs running afterwards: smart “loudness”, i.e. taking it out, while the overall volume setting increases. And a “night mode”, which reduces dynamics (like a “compressor”, I understand) and bass - so that you can listen overall more quietly during night times (assuming you have neighbors to be bothered).

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