Mu-so QB not available on Spotify Connect app

First post for help please.
Mu-so QB-59EE, firmware 1.8.0
Spotify ios app on iphone XS version
When I try to connect the Mu-so in the Spotify app the Mu-so is not listed as available for Spotify Connect.
I can connect through ‘More Devices’ ‘Speakers & TVs’ to the Mu-so and play music. At least I can play it some way!
On the Naim app I can connect to the Mu-so and select Spotify in the Naim app which then does not play any music from Spotify.
Also the wifi connection got very patchy on the Mu-so, no other devices suffered in the house, and now had to switch to ethernet which is not ideal for flexibility.
This used to work fine and I need help to fix please.

Just checked and on MacBook Air with Spotify app I can see the Mu-so available as Spotify Connect and that works.

So I am doing the same with the Android, app, Wireless all fine.
Sometimes I find in the NAIM app I have to go into Spotify and if it doesn’t play flick back to the main Spotify app to play.
You can select the Muso device you want in either App, Spotify direct or NAIM App, but you need NAIM for Party mode. HTH

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