Mu-So qb problems

Hello all, I have my muso qb on almost every day just streaming music from Spotify straight to the speaker. I happened to move it to another room but when plugged back in didn’t like what I’d done and spat it’s dummy out. Only one ring light is constantly on and a red solid light behind. Anyone had the same issue?

According to the Mu-So support site, a red LED indicates some kind of system fault. I would unplug it. Leave it for a little while then plug in again and reset it. When you set up again, make sure you’re still in good range if using Wifi. You might want to do it while close to the base station just to be sure. If that doesn’t work after a few attempts then give Naim support a call.

Cheers Richard. Yeah, been trying it this afternoon. I’ll leave it overnight and try again tomorrow, also emailed Naim support but they are only working Monday to Friday so will see what they suggest. Next step is take it to music shop in local area…

Always worth trying a full reset to factory condition .

Any instruction on how to perform factory reset? Tried holding reset button for 6 seconds but no response.

Sounds like it’s time to contact Naim support.

I seem to remember having to hold reset button + 12 or 15 seconds. It sorted mine out when it had a bad day!!

Use the pin hole reset and hold for at least 10 secs until LED goes orange, then it has been reset to factory condition.

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