Mu-so Qb Settings Issue

1st generation Mu-so QB with latest firmware. Latest version Naim App on latest version iOS.

Strange issue. I cannot change the Input names or Room name. The App does not save the changes. Also Room position does nothing and just sends me back to the room home page.

Strange indeed. Have you tried unplugging the Qb and waiting a few minutes before turning it on again? If that doesn’t work, a reset might do the trick.


Do you use Apple Home? I seem to remember if Muso’s were used in this way, things within the App couldn’t be changed.

Although don’t quote me on this, I’m old and my memory ain’t what it used to be…although it’s worth a try!!!

Neither has helped. Other settings work fine and changing Input and Room Names works for my Atom. The Input and Room names are more related to the Naim App than hardware, so I think I’ll try deleting and reinstalling the app. And in reply to Dusty no I don’t use Apple Home although do use Control4 which is a Home Automation System. I don’t use it to control the Qb however.

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Update - settings all work on my iPhone but not on either an oldish nor a brand spanking new iPad (although the changes are saved across all three control devices.) The idiosyncrasies of modern technology!

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What happens when you press ok after changing the room name? do you get the warning that the qb will disconnect if playing and reappear after up to 30 seconds?

I got that warning on my iPhone but the room name did change correctly. Nothing on my iPad.

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