Mu-so qb1 cannot be turn on

power cable & power socket already checked ok, after connecting the power cable. Qb1 display shown sleeping mode.
Once I press the “on” then all LED off & no response.
Anyone knows what happen?

If turning off and on doesn’t work have you tried resetting it by poking a paper clip in the little hole on the back?

the hole which reset wifi ?

I did not find any paper clip on the back too

I think the complete device goes back to factory settings

Does it turn on using the app? Or does it not turn on using both the app and the touch dial on the top?
If it doesn’t respond to either, unplug and leave it for 5 minutes. Then try again.
If it still doesn’t respond, use the paper clip in the hole on the back as described by others.

Cannot turn on using app because the Qb basically not power on yet (like stuck in sleep mode). when u touch the dial on the top, the only on/off display gone like the Qb is power off.

I would reset it (press and hold a pin in the little pin hole where it says “Reset”), then set it up again.

unplug & leave it more than 1 hrs :sweat_smile:
also tried using a paper clip too. It dosen’t work.

Did you insert the paperclip and then press until you felt a little click? It should then restart.

Yes, I plugin cable, dial pad only lights up the “on/off” symbol.
insert the paperclip and then press until you felt a little click .hold down about 5-10 sec.

after that, just nothing happens.

It sounds as if there may be fault. But you should be able to start up the Muso with the app anyhow. Once you have the on/off light showing, the app should guide you through the process for getting the Muso set up on WiFi. Have you looked at the support page?

ok, I’ll check on it later. thanks to all u guys :+1:

After pressing the reset button you will, as Clive says, need to go through the setup process using the app. Sorry, I should have mentioned that earlier.

Well. I think my Qb 1st Generation have some some problem. The app can’t find my Qb1 surely because the Qb actually is in off or sleep mode.Even if I want to reset it by using paperclip & Naim app, the Qb should be turn on first is it correct? The wifi status indicator have even not showing any illumination light.

Maybe you’re right but is there any reason to suppose the Muso is faulty. Did you look at the set up guide? Setting up the WiFi/internet connection is driven by the app on your phone and you have to start by initiating the set up process on the app. Until you do that the Muso will not connect to the WiFi or internet, nor will you see the Muso in the app. This is done with the Muso in stand by mode - only the off/on button is illuminated. The process is a bit like pairing in Bluetooth - the phone with the app must be connected to your internet connection and then the set up process connects the Muso to the same internet router.

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