Mu-so Qb2 Alarm

Hello everyone, I have a brand new (approx 2-3 weeks old) Mu-so Qb2, latest firmware etc.

The alarms I’ve set seem to have stopped working - the unit just doesn’t turn on at the set time(s). I’ve restarted it (well, unplugged the mains cable from the unit…like I have to do surprisingly often with my Atom (3 years old)) and reset the app, deleted the alarms and created new ones etc…but no dice :slightly_frowning_face:

Any thoughts?

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Although it’s a feature I’ve never used, I just tried setting an alarm, supposed to turn on with with an iRadio station, set for every day including weekends and it didn’t work.
I’ll try again later using a different input. (Busy right now)
UPDATE: I cannot get the alarm function to work on my Muso QB 2nd gen.

I had the same problem with Qb2 and i figured out the following tricks:
You have to give every alarm a dedicated name, eg alarm 2 instead of just alarm.

The Qb2 alarm does not like to be disconnected from the mains. I always had difficulties after turning off the electricity.

The wifi connection has to be really strong and stable, i switched from my standard Vodafone router to a Netgear orbis mesh system, which helped very much ( not just for the Qb2, but for my different systems in the whole house)

Still the Qbs alarm was never completely reliable , so now i use my old Sonos 1 as a alarm and my Qb2 as music system in our bed room

There was in issue with wrong alarm times in the Android app when using Dutch or German language, but this should be fixed in the latest update.

There was a similar thread without resolution, see below. I would recommend that you contact

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