Mu-so qb2 /Bluetooth

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I received my first naim product, a mu-so qb2.

It is amazing and sounds great.

Playback with Roon and all inputs in general are running flawlessly. My issue occurs with Bluetooth and I need some help understanding what is wrong.

I am able to pair my phone (xiaomi redmi mote 9) but NOT to connect it with the qb. It just doesn’t respond at all.

The laptop is paired and connects normally BUT the playback is quite bad. It has sound dropouts and it is quite unstable.

I find it quite annoying for a 1000€ speaker not to be able to connect via Bluetooth to a phone or laptop.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

Hi, please check settings as described here.

Thank you for your response but as you can see in my text above, I am clearly stating that I am able to pair the phone to the speaker.

The problem isn’t pairing but connecting and playing music.

It simply doesn’t connect.

Is this new of second hand? If the latter, then certainly worth checking that you have the latest firmware update installed - done via the Naim app

Brand new…
Laptop is playing bt (with dropouts)
Mobile not connecting

I have found that quite apart from the performance compromise, Bluetooth can be pretty flaky on many devices even at the best of times. Have you tried moving the Mu-So to ensure it’s not something that’s causing interference?

Failing that, Have you been in contact with Naim Support? What did they say?

Well I have it placed right next to me…
The odd thing is that I have been using a cheap jbl Bluetooth speaker for years and my phone or laptop had no issues connecting whatsoever…

I have troubleshooted everything on the devices.

I suppose that there is nothing wrong with them…
So it must be the muso. I haven’t had such a bad Bluetooth experience since the technology came out.

I wasn’t expecting to get it from this product…

There may be an issue with your particular unit so I would speak with your dealer or support. Perhaps ask your dealer whether you could try connecting to their demo unit. If there’s no problem with that then you’ll know.

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