Mu-so QB2 "Cleaning Mode" missing?

Quick question. I was reading this article: and I was wondering what happened to the Cleaning Mode as it’s not there on my QB2? It’s not that important, just wondered where it had gone?


You’re right, it’s not there on my QB2 either. Not used it but I imagine it might be useful. And yes, I do sometimes do the dusting!

It’s not on the Muso 2 either, a disappointing omission. The feature would also prove to be very useful when young children are in the house.

The cleaning feature was dropped, mainly because while a few customers found it useful, Naim found that most never used it or found it confusing. Naim decided to instead focus on developing more useful features. If you want to clean the UI top, just switch it off, wipe it down, then switch back on again.


"Dear Naim

I would like to complain that when I activated my Mu-so’s cleaning mode and left it on all day, it was no cleaner at the end of the day than it was at the beginning. What gives?

Yours sincerely


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Don’t blame Naim, look to your domestic partner😀

The Atom has no cleaning mode, can’t say I have had an issue dusting it whilst playing music.

I do the dusting thanks very much, I can get by turning it off at the wall. If I could lock the top panel to stop small hands fiddling with it that would be handy!


Being able to configure the max volume has been a lifesaver for me for precisely that reason.

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