Mu-so QB2 Integration Into Component System

Hello, it’s fine if you say this question is too involved or specific. I wrote to the marketing folks, but they are way from work until Jan. 3rd. Their auto reply suggested asking you all. I am a complete newbee at this type of forum.

Friends of mine asked me to help them update their component audio system for this century. Trouble is, I’m a dinosaur myself. They don’t stream music, but they’d like the option. After doing a lot of research and looking at traditional amplifiers and those with Bluetooth and wireless speakers I came across the Mu-so QB2. It seems like a fun, and potentially great, alternative to a traditional system. I’m thinking about recommending it and would like to know if I get the right adapters could they use the following components with it?

  • REGA Planar 1 Plus turntable
  • NAD C 427 Stereo AM FM Tuner
  • Older/RCA jacks CD Player
  • Phone/Bluetooth for streaming - I believe the speakers have streaming built in but they are not ready to go there yet. This would give them the option of starting slowly.

Thanks for your feedback!

If you look at the back of a Qb you’ll see it has a single analogue socket. All those items could be connected but only one at a time, or via a switching box, which is undesirable. The Qb is great, I’ve got three of them, but it’s really a stand alone box and not designed for what they want. They are probably best visiting a Naim dealer and getting advice on something to meet their needs and budget, rather than going through your good self. They could always join the Forum themselves, just as you have done, and get advice directly. Speakers, room, budget are all relevant here.

@hungryhalibut is right.

On the other hand, if you are considering bringing those three sources to the MuSo Qb2, adding one more piece to switch among them is not a problem, I suppose.

Until recently, I did essentially the same thing using a very old Adcom GFP-555 pre-amp into the single Line In on a B&O Beocenter. I chose the Adcom because it was cheap to buy used, and excellent quality; and there are lots of them around. It has a pretty good phono stage built in, too, though I no longer needed it in this system.

This week, I replaced the Adcom with a NAC-N172XS-FM, which might be the ultimate enhancement option for the MuSo line, though it only handles two analogue sources, plus a third on the front. (The pricier, more capable 272 has three analogue inputs rear, none in front — neither has a phono stage, if the Rega needs one.) I am hanging onto the Adcom unit for future projects.

Maybe over the top, but the MuSo is a capable speaker, and ideal if you want only the one speaker in the system. I love my Qb2 despite WiFi resets required frequently.

Let us know what you decide to do.


If I were them, I’d get a rega io amp and kyte speakers. A qb isn’t ideal for their sources.

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Thank you, that’s helpful!

Thank you!

Robert, I’ll look into that, thanks! Nick, I forgot when I thanked you to say that I believe the Rega does not need one. So that should be one concern taken care of.

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The P1+ has an inbuilt phono stage and therefore outputs at line level. It still needs an amplifier, such as the Rega Io, which is a really good suggestion. An Io and some modest speakers would be great with the existing sources and not cost much more than a Qb. They could then add a modest streamer such as a Bluesound Node.

Thanks hungryhalibut! I appreciate everyone giving this thought and sharing those thoughts. My frineds have specifically requested wireless speakers but I don’t know if that’s a deal breaker. I know they don’t understand what’s out there for options. I’m educating myself as best I can through this process. -Tom

Ah. Not sure a MuSo Bluetooth configuration would get you all-the-way there. Maybe.

Personally, I am not a fan of wireless solutions due to their unreliability. But wireless has its plusses, especially when the system is not in a permanent location.

Good luck with your project.


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