Mu-So Qb2 latest firmware changed the way user interface behaves

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I noticed that latest firmware (4.3.0.xxxx from 7.12.2021.) changed the way user interface on the Qb2 behaves. It just lost its coolness factor which was extremely high! :frowning:

  1. When I hover my hand above the circle area, lights just power up on/off. In the past, the volume knob had a fade-in with the light on the volume knob circling in the clockwise direction (IIRC). It was really cool looking feature and I’d like to get it back somehow. This was one of the reasons why I bought Qb2, believe it or not! Coolness factor +10!!! :smiley:

  2. I don’t have a clue which memorized station is playing as it’s not shown anymore. In the past, there was an arc above the memorized station. Can I please get this back somehow. I don’t always check my phone app to determine which internet radio station is playing. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to downgrade firmware on my device to the earlier version somehow? Or create new minor update that will fix these problems and get this cool funcionality back?

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You are absolutely right and the motion sensor seems to be less sensitive, or maybe can’t tell if it detected motion because of the lack of the outer ring effect. I wonder why this change was made and if it was intentional!

The effect is still there when turning off the QB2 though, counter clockwise. AFAIK you can’t downgrade firmware, so let’s hope they bring it back. I must admit it was cool especially at night. Created support Ticket 128811.

Yeah, I also figured motion sensor is a bit less sensitive. Thought I was imagining, but obviously I’m not. Sometimes it doesn’t react for few seconds when I turn the volume ring, like volume takes over completely the control ove device and doesn’t show touch commands anymore. Not sure if this is introduced with the latest firmware or it was working like this before. However, I’d like to be able to press the Play/Pause while I’m increasing/decreasing the volume immediately.

Naim team - have in mind that there are people who like to tap those touch controls and just feel good by turning the device on by waving above it. You should see how 4 year olds enjoy when they wave and Qb2 turns on with that cool fade-in running circle effect! Not everyone is into mobile apps, although both wife and I use it with Qb2! :smiley:

The whole point of getting Qb2 was to replace the stereo setup I had before (CD player, receiver and 2x speakers). Qb2 plays equally nice and is much smaller and WAY MUCH COOLER!!! :smiley:

Yes I have the same experience and can tell you this wasn’t with the previous firmware, hope they will bring this back as I don’t always use the app!

I’ve opened a support ticket and linked this thread. Hopefully more users mention here this change. I think it’s more than a cool factor, it’s also a UI/UX feature for those that don’t always use either IR remote or app.

Without the dial illumination as the hand is hovering, it’s hard to know wether the unit detected motion or not. The middle icons are hidden by the hand.


I also noticed that top ring is lighted all the time when Qb2 is online. I’m pretty sure that it was turned off when Qb2 was running in the past but not touched/operated, only glass stand (where Naim logo is) was lighted to indicate that the unit was online.

If I set lights to minimum via application, then ring doesn’t get lighted at all.

@Naim team - can you please release the minor update to get the old user interface experience on the unit itself? Or at least allow customers to choose which behavior suits them best.

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Does anyone from Naim Support team read these messages?

The way unit behaves using touch controls on the unit itself after the firmware update is all wrong. Please revert those UI changes back to the way unit behaved before the update.

The formal support is through
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405
Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm GMT/BST

Naim staff is monitoring the forum but probably can’t read everything, and it is not meant for official support.

Paging @Naim.Marketing who may want to look into this

I contacted support a week ago, but still no reply. Ticket #128586 from 16 Dec 2021.

Yes it can currently take as long or longer until they answer. But good that you posted the ticket number, will help Clare. Given that it’s the Holidays, I expect that it may take a bit

The Naim team are taking a well earned break from Christmas until the New Year.

I’m sure the development team ( @tomvamos) will take the comments here on board.

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Even before the holidays, it took two weeks for a reply. Also created a ticket way above and linked this thread in the ticket.

Tbh although annoying change, I doubt Naim will prioritize this high. Any company has to sift through a long list of issues, and this one will probably be at the bottom. But I hope I’ll be wrong.

What is surprising is that if that change was intentional, there was absolutely no indication in the release notes and I can’t imagine this is lumped into the “general bug fixes and improvements” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well I’m not Naim :man_shrugging:

Sorry, not sure if you replied to my reply thinking I was replying to you :slightly_smiling_face: it’s all good :+1:

I also miss having the radio station illuminated. First thing in the morning, I like one station, with local water, traffic etc. but later in the day I listen to Radio Paradise.
It’s a bit of a pain not knowing which it was on…

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All good, but you did reply to me :slight_smile: Probably just hit the wrong button :slight_smile:

I have the same issues as mentioned with my QB2.
Also, when using multi room with the QB2 as the “master”, if I turn the volume up on it, it also goes up on my Muso that it is connected with. I don’t recall that happening before.

Oh wow, at first I didn’t understand the issue you describe, then I tried it ! It seems more and more volume dial behaviour(s) were changed/broken. Tbh can’t recall how it was prior to v4.3 on my Muso Qb2, but I checked on my Muso gen 1 and the chosen iRadio is illuminated so the user knows on which one of 5 presets.

By way of an update to this issue, I’ve had to move out of my home due to essential renovations and I’m renting a house just down the road.
I’ve taken my QB2 with me and reset it so I can connect to the wifi in the rental place.
After resetting (pressing the pinhole and holding for 10 seconds) and after saving my favourite radio stations again, my presets are now showing again when I turn on the QB2.
It might be worth trying a reset!

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