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I can’t seem to locate anyone with a similar issue, either on the forum or after a spot of Googling so thought I’d post this in the hope that someone can point in the right direction to solve my problem.

My Qb2 is wired directly via an ethernet cable to my router and I’ve never set it up to use Wi-Fi, checking via the app on my iPhone it shows it’s connected via ‘Wired’ and everything works fine and I’m able to play via Airplay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio etc which is all great. However, when browsing Wi-Fi networks nearby, I’ve recently noticed that there’s an Open Wi-fi access point with the exact same name as my Qb (eg it’s called ‘myQb’ and the network is “myQb.650”). Why does that access point exist? How do I disable it? I certainly haven’t actively set it up and would like to disable the Wi-Fi completely on the Qb as it’s not required and will probably interfere with my router as it’s nearby.

It’s a little odd!


Strange…I’m struggling to understand what you mean by seeing the QB as an ‘Open WiFi access point’.
What happens if you disconnect the cable and try to connect the QB over WiFi?

I also see this secondary access point while the Qb2 attempts to complete setup. I think it is a temporary network to support the Airplay and/or Chromecast configuration. My iPad tends to lock onto this WiFi network, rather than the home WiFi. For some of us the positioning of some devices, in my case the Qb2, on a wired network defeats the purpose of having it.

The lack of detailed functional documentation from Naim regarding all the latest streaming devices is sub-optimal, especially setup and troubleshooting



i had a similar problem few days ago on my muso 2 working on wi-fi. my router disappeared as a device and the muso 2 appeared (with exact name). i put it down to a brief loss of internet - my router restarted and the muso 2 disappeared from the list of wi-fi access points and hasn’t re-appeared . so its possible that your problem may be solved by turning off the router for a few minutes and then restarting it.

Sub optimal is a very polite description. For a device costing £1299, the documentation is non existent and the lack of it is a very poor reflection on Naim. This issue has put me off buying a Nova in the near future.

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On my phone or on my laptop, if I scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks I see one that is called ‘Qb …d065’ (I actually got it wrong in my original message, it ends with d065). It’s definitely my Qb2 as if I unplug it, I don’t see it any more when searching on my phone / laptop for nearby Wi-Fi.

The Qb is hard wired on the network via the ethernet cable and I actually didn’t want the Qb to have it’s WiFi capabilities turned on, I’d prefer not to have the extra inteference near my router and other devices.

What I’m surprised about though is that it’s an open Wifi Hotspot itself, can’t see the reasoning for it but maybe it’s to do with the ChromeCast / Airplay setup. I would have assumed that would default to the ethernet cable when that’s in use.

As long as the network connection is stable and remains resilient the new-gen Naim streaming products (Muso 2, Uniti, ND…) are really good, and deserve the awards they have achieved in various publications.

While Naim cannot take responsibility for individual customers’ network environments, and that of their neighbours, there does need to be more information and guidance made available- for example typical router and WiFi network settings, and the details of the setup process and workarounds when it doesn’t work - or drops out.

There is a direct competitor to Naim in Glasgow that publish detailed manuals and guides using the Wiki environment that is easily accessed via t’internet.

Naim just need to assign a technical author and project manage the production of similar documentation; people would then be more able to resolve configuration issues themselves, and as a result the ‘noise’ on this forum and elsewhere will die down, to Naim’s overall benefit.

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