Mu-so Qobuz update

The Mu-so Qobuz update has been released, but I am unable to download it. When I check for updates, the software says my Firmware is up to date.

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If in check for updates it says version 6174, then it is up to date. If not try unplugging the unit for a minute or so and then recheck the updates section of the app after 5 minutes or so?

Hello Gazza,

Many thanks for your quick response. I followed your instructions, but still no luck. My Firmware version is 4.1.3 (5573)

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I suspect it’s bring rolled out region by region rather than everywhere in one hit.

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Thanks, Robert, makes sense.

This morning my NDX2 was telling me that the update was available, but my Atom was not. Going to Settings > Check for Updates, it was avaliable though. I dare say yours will show it sooner or later.

Now fully working. A great update, thank you Naim and Qobuz.

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