Mu-so remote

My first post on this site, although thought it more be more appropriate on Padded Cell

I will reside in a padded cell by the time I fit a new battery in the Mu-so 2 remote

If anyone has a suggestion other than hammer and chisel, please?

Cannot see any hole, or triangle with exclamation mark, nothing, just smooth rectangular case with no visible sign of an opening

On the up side Mu-so 2 sounding great, Van the man right now (down the road) and operated from my phone

I have deleted that picture from my phone, but I will take it again if you need it.

That would be great, thanks

There is a U on the back. I push my fingernail gently in the ridge above the U and gently press in the middle. Once it has been done once, it seems to be easier subsequent attempts.

That doesn’t work on mine, my fingernail would snap long before the cover moved.
What does work for me is to get a knife or similar thin piece of metal and push it down into the middle of the gap. The cover then comes off easily.

My word, how easy is that (with a sharp knife)

I am over the moon, thank you both so much

Just got to make sure a small person does not hide it amongst the toys again

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My SuperNait remote is still lost after the young one had some interest in it :slight_smile:

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Look inside the toys, especially toy bags

Think he finally confessed when I was getting price for a replacement (the look on my face)

Given the Muso is so expensive it does make you wonder why Naim decided to supply such a 3rd rate remote. I think it looks and feels like something that should be supplied with a $25 child’s toy!

If you ever move up to an NDX2 you would be amazed how even a more expensive unit can have a simillar cheap feeling remote where some of the button dont even press correclty… It looks that as Naim update and improve their poducts, they are going in the opposit direction when it comes to the remotes they provide…

You shock me, thought my Mu-so 2 was the top dog, being new to Naim
Looks like I have only started, is NDX2 really so much better?
Not talking about remotes either, presume they think everyone operates from a mobile

Don’t go there​:smiley::smiley::smiley:

There lies a lifetime of heartache and expense just read the forum for a sample!

Welcome to the world of Naim audio.

What a coincidence, my wife said pretty much the same thing; well, not in those words and without the smiley faces

It’s a small world and sometimes quiet!

If that’s a genuine question, check this

I forget the exact price, but something in the region of £165,000 - and that’s just the amplifier (in 3 boxes).

About fifteen months ago I bought a QB2 to replace a Sonos. It has now cost me well over 13k in new HiFi kit as it reminded me what music should sound like. Irony, I’m selling the original QB2 now.
The Muso would have been the best sounding system in John Lewis, but they now sell the Atom/Focal deals which are a different world to the boxes they normally sell.

It was a genuine question and the video is a lot of techno talk (impressive) but what does it sound like?

Like it’s all right in front of you in the cleanest, deepest, all enveloping sound you’ve ever heard.

Thanks so much for providing the answer. This was driving me crazy!

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