Mu-So transformed

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to try this, but slipping four of these Vibrapod Isolators under the Mu-So’s built in feet has transformed the sound, in particular its abilities as a TV soundbar. I know it’s clichéd, but a veil has definitely been lifted. Voices are clear as a bell, bass nicely controlled and never too dominant. Part of the problem was that the unit sits on a Corian work surface in the kitchen diner, with fully tiled floor and a fair bit of echo. All I can say is it’s up there as one of the best £21.99 purchases I’ve ever made!




Thanks for tip, worth a punt from the big river as it’s an easy return!

Just ordered a set to try out…

I use these under various bits of naim kit
Just get the right ones for the weight of the unit…and Roberts your father’s brother

What size of vibrapod did you get?

Model 2

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All sold out on Amazon unfortunately - I’ve just replaced my QB mk1 with a Muso 2 and whilst it’s clearly a step up the bottom end can be a bit over-powering so hoping the Vibrapods will help

I bought mine from Analogue Seduction - not sure what their policies on returns is, but I decided the risk wasn’t that great, only represents a couple of CDs!

Isn’t the model 5 the one you should go with? The Muso is 13KG. A pretty heavy job requiring the model 5.

Weight range of each Model 2 is 1.81kg - 3.62kg. One quarter of the Mu-So’s 13kg is 3.25kg. It’s the model Analogue Seduction recommended, and works well for me. The Model 3’s lowest recommended weight per unit is 3.62kg. The only other recommended possibility would have been to use ten Model 1s, which would not be aesthetically acceptable!

Four Model 5 pods are designed to carry a minimum of 40kg, so would not be suitable for something as light as the Mu-So.

The Vibrapod FAQ page might be worth a look:

Yep. I get it now. Thanks

Their web site says they will mark wood or painted surfaces… I assume they ooze solvents over time. Anyone have any experience of this issue?

They certainly smell of that sort of thing (cross between acetone and cellulose thinners!), but seems to dissipate after about 24hrs. They haven’t marked the Corian on which they sit, and I imagine glass would be fine, but I definitely wouldn’t put them directly onto wood.

Cheers… I’ll think about it :wink:

Thanks for the tip, buddy.
What do you think about using them with a Muso QB?
Which size could be the best?

Toughie! The weight of the Qb puts it just over the upper end of the Model 1’s limit, but too light for 4 x Model 2. However, using three of the Model 2 would work weight wise, and many people prefer a triangular arrangement as they find it more stsble.

I sent an email to the analogue seduction guys today …i was dithering…too much or too little

What about these ones???