Mu-So vs Qb - sound projection

I currently have a Qb1 in a room that’s approx. 3.2m x 5.7m, with one of the short sides opening up to a roof terrace/balcony. The Qb is fine for the room, but doesn’t really cut it when sitting outside. You need to play it way too loud (for inside) to have sound outside.

We were considering getting an additional Qb for another room, but I now wonder whether it would offer any improvement to put the existing one there and have the new one (gen2) in the room described above. Another option would be to get a regular Mu-So. Although as the unit will be located on a long side would have the downside of not being able to angle it towards the outside.

Does anyone have any experience or insight that could help me make a decision?

The regular mu-so, by its nature, will fill a room more effortlessly than a qb. I remember hearing one prerelease, playing some of naim’s favourites, and the sound was astonishing. (Malia, plus Boris Blank, ‘convergence’). I remember we popped next door to find it was only a mu-so playing! Whether that will work for you and give you the sound on your balcony that you desire, I cant predict 100%, but it should be more capable than a lone qb, regardless of gen 1 or 2. The other alternative would be an extra qb in multiroom mode closer to the balcony for “fill in” duties.

Try this track:

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Crikey what a great track.

You don’t think the ability to angle/direct a Qb (because of its size, mu-so will be the width of the shelf) will be much of a factor?

For me, the stereo projection of the mu-so is greater than the qb, so has better off-axis sound; the qb even with multi face speakers, as they dont all point forwards, still comes across as being a point source.
If possible, a home trial with the full-size mu-so will tell you quickly if it will work for you.

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