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I have a Mu So which plays 4\5 songs while going through the Wifi setup then stops playing and the red light at the side of the reset button starts flashing and wont reset so have to turn off at the plug socket.
Anybody any ideas


hi glyn1955
looking at the documentation there is an orange flashing light - which means connecting to network - if so there may be a network issue or a solid red which means system fault. as a first round i would switch off muso and unplug then switch off router and unplug, make a cup of tea(ie wait 5 minutes) then plug in router and wait till has gone through its set up. then plug in muso ditto - hopefully that will give you a white light and music. if not contact customer support


I will go through the process, orange, purple then white but then red, had it hard wired to the router, same outcome but i,ll try your idea of turning off the routerCheers

do make sure you turn off muso first - when you restart it it will have better chance to clear any connection issue

Glyn, my Muso did the same much to my children’s amusement as their far cheaper offering never failed to connect or remain connected, without of course the superior sound quality. I simply connected the muso by ethernet cable. Problem solved. Well almost, my wife wants to know why my wireless piece of expensive kit isn’t wireless ?

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Always the same, some cheat crp devices wake, work then sleep. Naim in the mire here.

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Tried the ethernet cable, same result, orange, flashing purple then white, plays 4/5 tracks then goes to red. Been quoted £199 by Naim to fix it

I assume it has a fault but is now out of warranty?

Sorry my technical expertise is limited as demonstrated by my use of a cable for a wireless system. Bit annoying that Naim wants to charge so much for a faulty product. I wonder how much the fix actually costs. Good luck with finding a solution.

Was never in warranty, someone i know wanted to sell as he was going back to Hi Fi single units and i was looking for a bluetooth speaker and its been fine for over 12 months, and its had a lot of use,It goes through the coloured lights and hookes into Wi -Fi, plays 4/5 songs then goes to red light mode with all lights flashing. It looks like something is getting hot then breaking down, cools then plays again, so will have to look for a local repair centre

Looking for a local repair center to price up and take it from there

Shame really. Its funny that our old hi-fi’s seemed OK and didn’t break yet the newer ones have problems. I had a Denon amp which was rubbish yet my Nad system lasted 15 years without a problem. Does make you wary of buying from this manufacturer but each to their own.

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