Mu-soQB2 update problem

I have a Muso QB2. I update it to latest 4.2.2 firmware and the update seemed to go fine… but now the Muso keeps momentarily pausing for literally a second, and then it restarts. It sometimes happens twice close together. Then playback continues fine. Then it might happen again a minute or so later.

It happens on Spotify and on listening to radio.

It was working fine before the update.

I’ve tried resetting and reconnecting the Muso to the network, but it still happens.

Any ideas out there??

Power your Muso down - pull the plug from the wall. Leave it unplugged for at least half an hour. Then power down your modem/router and whatever you have your app on (phone). Shut them down completely. Wait a few minutes. Power up the modem/router then the phone(app), then the Muso. Best of luck.

What cdboy said. But wait maybe 15 minutes after you power the modem/router up, it can often take a while until the internet connection is reestablished and the router is fully back up. Then start phone and check that network is working, and then the app and Muso like cdboy said

Thanks both for the replies.

I have an Eero mesh Wifi; turns out the Muso kept trying to connect to different Wifi hubs and that was causing the issue. Resetting the Eero sorted the system.

Many thanks!!!


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