Multi disc track numbering

Hi all.

I just bought an NDX2, with which I am quite pleased. My music is all held on a Mac mini, ripped from CDs using dBpoweramp; streaming to the NDX2 over Airplay sounds OK, but it sounds better through the USB ports.

Unfortunately I’ve found that the Naim app doesn’t handle multi disc track numbering. Perhaps it doesn’t look at the ‘disc’ tag in the metadata? Thus on a two disc album it plays (and displays) disc 1 track 1, then disc 2 track 1 rather than disc 1 track 1…n, then disc 2 track 1…n.

I found a work-around using the USB source rather than Local Music on the app, but this is clunky to say the least.

I know this subject has been touched on before with regards to the Atom, but that was a year ago - is there any chance of the app being updated?

Failing that it appears I’ve a lot of keyboard bashing ahead of me changing thousands of track ID tags individually with PerfectTunes - unless anybody knows of a way to do an entire album at a time?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

The Naim app just displays what is sent to it by the server, so unfortunately the issue is with the way you have ripped the music to your Mac Mini rather than the app.

I think you can batch edit metadata so you probably could fix it more easily than going to every rip. But I am not expert in these metadata editors so will leave someone who is to tell you what to do.

I have my music on a nas and use Asset as my upnp server. It handles multidisc albums perfectly. It’s just a case of putting 1/4, 2/4 etc in the ‘disc’ metadata field. Asset will run on OSX, which would enable you to stream over the network and not use Airplay or USB.

Thanks for this. The Apple Music app also handles multidisc albums - and streams fine to the NDX with tracks in the correct order. It’s only when using the exact same files (complete with all the necessary metadata) dropped onto a USB stick that there are issues.

Forgive my ignorance - how would using Asset in place of Apple Music be better if I’m still streaming over WiFi?

Streaming upnp should sound the same as the USB. It also does high res, which I don’t believe Airplay can manage.

As HH says. The limitation in sound quality from Apple Music over Airplay comes from Apple’s own technical decisions about their protocol rather than any limitation of WiFi.

I was curious to see how this appears in my system: and the result is the disc number / track number seems to be overwritten in the Naim app.
The Naim app shows 16 tracks, numbers 1 to 16 inclusive.

The upnp software (this is jriver media centre latest version) has the metadata showing as 2 discs with track numbers up to 9.

Which is really not what I was expecting!

It certainly works with Asset, so long as you use the disc field as I explained above.

Hi, the meta data has both disc and track populated. So there are two track 1’s, but the Naim app calls them track 1 and track 10 (as disc 1 has 9 tracks).
Seems to be the same behaviour on my multi disc albums (eg Travis the man who 29 tracks).
I cant see a disc number displayed anywhere.

The Naim app simply shows what the server sends it. It’s in your server setup. Presumably it’s not Asset. I seem to recall asset having options for multi disc handling.

mp3tag will let you batch edit, highlight the tracks you are interested in and then type the disc number in the Discnumber field in the left hand pane and click on save

mp3tag is a wonderful tool to use. On a Mac, you can get it through the App Store. Not very expensive, but worth every penny IMO.

I use it to get my meta-data right as certain updates in Apple Music stay in Apple-Musics database, and doesn’t update the files meta-data

I’m away from home, so I’m doing this from memory.

I use JRiver with my Naim equipment and my experience is the same, but it never bothered me as long as the tracks played in the correct order. Thinking about it now, it’s as if the app turned the two disc album into a playlist, where the concept of disc number is irrelevant.

Now if it played Sign O’ the Times followed by You Got the Look (i.e. both track 1’s), that would be a problem. But that only happens if I forget to enter the disc number.

Note - I don’t know what would happen if I used an external USB stick/drive but not in server mode (e.g. a USB stick with my Muso). I’ve never tried that.

Edit - do you have the JRemote app? I’ve tested it with my Naim streamers and it works. How does the track listing appear when you use it?

Overall, it’s not a practical option, as it can only control the JRiver UPnP server, not Qobuz, Internet Radio, etc.

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