Multi-room system

Just out of curiosity… how many people use the multi-room capabilities of their system? Having never used this feature, I assume it allows you to play the same track simultaneously in more than one room using a supplementary system. Do many people want to do this? NAIM make a big thing of this function in their more recent products but I wonder how many customers actually use it.

Just an idle thought that’s all.

I do.
I didn’t really believe that I would but, I do and I enjoy it.
It’s not a game changer but I do enjoy being able to play music on my main system and walk around the house to get a cuppa or glass and not miss what’s playing.
Nice as well for dinner parties etc. when we can wonder between areas of the house without losing the music.

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I do, mainly via the QBs. I have the ND555 in the downstairs lounge and the Nova in the upstairs, if I’m settling down for an evening I choose a room and stay there. But if I’m wandering round the house doing stuff, I’ll multiroom to the two main systems and the appropriate QBs and let the music follow me, even more so with cricket commentary. And at weekends when I go to the kitchen to cook, if there are simmer periods or other times I’ll not need to be in the kitchen, I’ll multiroom between the lounge and kitchen. I use it more than I thought I would.

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I can’t afford more than one system, so no. In any case, my wife doesn’t like my music and prefers to either read in silence or watch TV, kitchen/dining is too busy/noisy with kitchen things or chat over dinner, our bedroom is for bed, and ‘kids’ (if you can use that name for 20-somethings) rooms are their own space, music their way - though they can and sometimes do access my music on the Mac Mini and serve it to themselves using Serviio - but I don’t count that as multi-room as apart from being on the same Mac Mini, their serving and playing etc being completely independent.

No multiroom, old school… just crank up the volume!

…actually the house is not that big and open floor plan on the main floor where the stereo system resides. Multiroom is not a feature that I am interested in at this point in time.


I do …
Great for the cricket too.
If the good lady requires a lie-in then I might treat her to music on the bedroom system, but she prefers the radio.
When I was studying I often had the same music playing in the kitchen and study. Now, since I migrated from a NAS to a dedicated music server, I turn the music up on the main system. It sounds so much better on the NDS than the UQs; also at the moment I can only Roon things through my NDS (although, I can multiroom it to the UQs I don’t often).

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I use it regularly, great for social gatherings, and for background music/radio when doing jobs around the house.

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I think people must have bigger houses/more rooms than me :wink:

Public rooms we have dining(now devoted to the hifi)/lounge and the kitchen off the side so the supplementary system could go in the spare room we use for the printers but I can cope without listening for the 2 mins to pop to the spare room for anything printed off :wink:

Maybe I just need a MUCH bigger house :wink:

Our house isn’t very large but we use the multi room a lot. It really comes into its own with the radio or music when you are moving between the sitting room and the kitchen - it’s much better than having it blasting out of the main system so that it can be heard in the kitchen, which also deafens anyone still in the sitting room. We have the 272 in the sitting room, a UQ2 in the study and QBs in the kitchen and dining room. Party mode, where it’s on all four simultaneously, is useful sometimes, especially for The Archers.

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Perhaps only having two people in the house influences things as well.

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I didn’t think I would use it but now I’ve got a QB as well as a Nova it is very nice

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I do as well, part of the reason we chose Naim.

My only wish would be that it would be possible to turn off the system that you originally started with and have the others keep playing.

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I just mute it …

We have 4 Naim steamers in total, with the whole apartment fully wired + dedicated network cabinet with servers. I hardly ever ‘multiroom’ on all 4, although it’s easy to set up - most of the time it’s either a single system or two playing together.

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Our house is so small that we don’t really need more one hifi!

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I don’t use the NAIM variant yet, since my Atom is the only NAIM system in the house (so far).
In principal I use it for a decade or so, ever since iTunes can send the same music to different Airplay receivers. (So I accumulated Airplay receivers (built-in or via Airport Express system) across the years/falts.) Typical use cases are social gatherings or the cleaning phase just before those. :wink:
With the Atom, I can now use it standalone in the living room; or include it into the flat wide orchestration.
With future systems, I’ll consider Muso (Qb) for continued flexibility.

A mixed bag of answers then. I suppose it also depends on what you are listening to. I mean for radio/background noise then okay but for a proper sit down listen perhaps not.

For a ‘proper sit down and listen’ I presume you wouldn’t need multiroom anyway! If someone else wants the same music if a different room, they can still use multiroom, but best to make sure your system is multiroom master as the client systems get a lossy compressed stream as I understand it. If that’s an issue for you, try Roon, which sends a full fat stream to all rooms.

Naim’s Party Mode is clever and capable. But if sound quality matters (may I assume it does, Naim-friend?) then analog wires trump everything else, at this point, IMHO.