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Hi all

I would like the opinions of you fine lot.

System is NDX/Supernait2, Hicap DR, Hiline and powerline on the NDX. Speakers Totem Sky towers.

I am thinking that I am going to move on my NDX for the NDX2, however using the system that I do there are other upgrade alternatives. i.e add a 282 to the Supernait2 or add a 250 Dr to the Supernait2 and finally adding a power supply to my existing NDX.
I will try and have a listen to all options but subject to listening I am interested to what route others would take and there logic.

thanks all


Maybe not a route you had considered, but Hugo (or Qutest or Hugo TT or Dave - depending on budget, required connectivity, and ears), using tge NDX as renderer, allowing play exactly as now, the DAC simply replacing that of NDX. Some people consider that to be better sounding than any of the Naim alternatives, the Chord character variously being described as more natural or more analogue sounding.

Worth an audition if nothing else…

I would say that adding an XPS to your NDX would be a bigger upgrade than getting an NDX2, although that gives you other benefits too, with more connection options.
If you happen to see a 282 for a good price, I would certainly recommend buying it, especially as you already have a Hicap.

thanks Chris. I think if I was ever to add a power supply I would want to look at the 555ps in the long run but dont think I am ready for that yet.

popeye, I also have a SuperNait 2 and moved from a NDX to NDX 2 last March and felt it was a nice upgrade, added the XPS DR PS this past September and it was a significant upgrade. Since the upgrade I am still pleasantly surprised how a piece of music that I have not listened to for awhile will just sound so much better.

My recommendation would be that you bite the bullet and trade in the NDX and purchase the NDX 2 with a XPS DR and let that settle in with the SN2/HiCap DR for a few months. If you still want to pursue the multiple box route you will have one fine source to feed a 282/250 DR.

Good luck with your decision.


None of the above. I would put a 2nd hand 555/DR on the NDX and then in time move to a separate pre/power configuration.



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