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I have a Naim Unity Nova with two speakers and I have a must Bb and two QB’s to play in multiroom sessions. This works fine. I would like to add a 5th element for mij bedroom. most likely a Nail Muso 2.
However, my question is this:

Could I use like an extra amplifier or streamer from Nail, say the Atom for example, paired with two speakers, and then have them as a multiroom situation with my other 4 devices?


thnx for the reply but could you be a little more specific

I understood that your question was:

Can I use an Atom, or another Naim Uniti model, or a Naim streamer, for multi-room together with my existing Nova and Qb’s? (Just like I can with a Mu-so 2)

The answer to this is yes.

According to Naim‘s brochure (did not find the entry quickly on the web page), the Naim multi-room works with 5 or 6 (the brochure isn’t consistent) systems in parallel.
I assume, that’s actual parallel devices in 1 session; not potential players on 1 network.

You can group up to 8 devices using Naim Multiroom. If you are using WiFi your network might struggle to support multiple devices so best to use an Ethernet cable where possible.

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