Multiroom button on Mu-so 2 doesn't seem to do anything

I’m currently evaluating a Mu-so 2 on loan from my local Naim dealer. I’ve got this working in multiroom mode with my NAC-N 272 via the Naim app, but I can’t find any purpose for the multiroom button on the Mu-so’s control wheel. I’ve also failed to find a product manual for the Mu-so 2 on the Naim website. The Quick Guide just tells you it’s a multiroom button without any further explanation.

This button doesn’t appear to stop or start a multiroom session, so what is it for?

I’ve now found a reference on the Naim website stating that this button is “Used to start or join a multiroom session with other Mu-so 2nd Generation, latest Uniti or latest streamer devices”.

Obviously, this must mean that my four-year-old NAC-N 272 (even with the latest firmware) is too old to work with that button on the Mu-so 2.

Yes that is likely to be the case.

Haggis, as you’ve discovered though, multiroom will still work with your NAC-N272 via the App.

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