Multiroom master

I have at home a Naim Uniti Star and a couple of Qb’s. The thing I don’t quite understand is why there’s a master. Before this I used to have multiroom via the Slimdevices/Logitech Squeezebox system, and there I could simply turn off any ‘player’ and all other will keep on playing. With the Naim multiroom you can’t turn off the device you started on.

I.e. I start listening in the living room, my wife adds upstairs, and when I go up I can’t turn off the living room without the upstairs Qb also stopping.

I would understand if the master would actually stream to the ‘slaves’, but that doesn’t seem to case, else, why does multiroom only work with sources they all can directly access?

To me it seems like an unnecessary limitation, or is there something I’m missing?

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I don’t know about other multiroom systems, but that’s the way Naim’s one works. Choose any one as a master, and choose others as clients. If necessary, I guess you can just mute the master, as this will not silence the clients.

That’s what I do with my ‘qutes.

Perhaps using Chromecast Audio for the Qb’s and casting groups would help me get around this? But it’s a bit silly that I have to look for ways to work around the native functionality. Especially when there’s no advantage to the way that works that I can see.

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