Multiroom Mu-so 2nd Generation

Hi, I have read a lot of information and posts on this forum about the issue I have at hand, but unfortunately to no avail.

I have a Mu-So and Mu-So Qb, both 2nd generation, set-up at home. Connection is wireless.

Issue: when Multiroom is active, then the following occurs:

  1. one of the units is behind in audio (audio not in sync) when streaming Spotify, OR
  2. when audio is in sync, one of the units drops audio for a second (drops audio or looses connection, I am not sure), audio on both and again on of the units drops audio for a second, etcetera.

If no Multiroom, no problems with streaming audio. Wifi signal is strong and I have no issues with other linked non-Naim devices.

Previously I had a Wifi (mesh) TP-link Deco M9 in the house and multiroom was functioning 100% correct. Recently I did replace the Deco M9 with a TP-link Deco X90 system (brand new, more powerful, the latest with Wifi6). In this new set-up the issue came up. Even if -while testing- both units are connected to the same base Deco X90 unit, both at 5Ghz and placed 2 meter apart. It is a normal set-up, with the wifi transponders within 10 meters, all on ground floor. Both units have the same issue if you change the first in line streaming Spotify.

I am looking forward to get some guidance! Many thanks in advance.

I have the lastest firmware installed on the NAIM devices. Furthermore I tried:

  • turning on and off ‘Fast roaming’ on the Deco X90
  • turning on and off ‘MESH active’ for both NAIM devices on the Deco X90

Your thoughts are appreciated!

I can only attest that my MuSo Qb2 plays in sync with my NDX-FM when syncing them from the app. The NDX is wired to the LAN; the MuSu uses WiFi exclusively. The November update dramatically reduced the MuSo’s problem staying connected to the network (purple status hell).

When I set each to the same station at the unit, they are never in sync.

WiFi is hard, because coverage and throughput can be spotty and interfered with.

FWIW, I upgraded my two access points from AC to AX before applying the Naim update. No difference until the Naim update.

My latest Mac M1 does benefit from AX, as expected. The phone company provides a decent Zyxel AX router with their fiber upgrade.


Thanks Nick for your reply. I have made a wired connection between the Mu-So and one of the Deco X90 devices and now the issue has been resolved. Case closed!

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