Multiroom needs to be activated every time

I own a Uniti, which is wired with utp. Also a QB1 a QB2 and a Muso. I have all 4 of them in a multiroom session, but most of the times whenI want to play music, I have to tick the boxes to select them. The only one that is allways o is the uniti.
The other three are via wi-fi, the wi-fi signal is very good and they are on one netwrok, so that’s not the problem. It has also nothing to di with the fact that one QB2 is newer, allthough it seems to stay connected better, it also deactivates.
I cannot wire the three machines, so that’s not the solution in my case.
Does it have anything to do with what kinbd of data I stream for my music?
Does anybody knows how to resolve this annoying problem?

Hi & welcome to the ‘madhouse’ :wink::blush:

There are far better qualified people on here than me to help you, but; I’ll try.
Is everything receiving from the same router, including the app (no ‘over the mains’ type boosters etc )?
Do you have a modern router? (2.4 & 5ghz) - try just using the 2.4ghz.
Let’s start from there :relaxed:

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