Multiroom problem with Atom

I’ve just upgraded my Unitiqute 2 to an Atom and very nice it is too! Unfortunately the Atom refuses to acknowledge the presence of my Muso Qb (the 4 squares are visible) when I try to multiroom stream to it. Spookily the Qb streams to the Atom without a problem? Nothing has changed in my network setup so I’m at a loss to explain it, any suggestions?

You can’t multiroom hires to a first gen muso or Qb. Maybe that is the issue?

True, but bog standard internet radio and music from my server and Tidal should be fine, as it was from my Unitiqute 2, shouldn’t it?

Yes, that’s certainly what I would expect. (Well your server would depend on the bit rate of course.)

Problem (almost)solved! The Atom is connected via a cable to a wireless AP which is connected to the main router via a network cable. The Qb is wirelessly connected to the main router. Swapping the Atom for the Unitiqute2 was straightforward and everything (except multiroom as a master from the Atom) worked as advertised following the installation. The fact that I could stream from the Qb to the Atom led me to believe that it wasn’t a network problem so I hadn’t done the usual ‘switch it off and on again’ solution on the router and AP before posting!

This morning I noticed that a Speedtest when connected to the AP only produced a paltry 75mbps compared to the usual 300 so power cycled the AP and voila Qb now visible to Atom. All I have to do now is solve the problem of the intermittent visibility of the multiroom volume slider screen! :rofl:

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