Multiroom sound skipping on slave device

Hi. I use NDX2 in the main system and Atom in the living room (also works with a Samsung TV via HDMI). Both systems are connected via Wi-Fi (ASUS router and hi-quality 50Mb/s connection).

The issue is when I use NDX2 as the master system and then want to use the Atom as the slave with Tidal or Qobuz set at Master/Hires sound quality the sound breaks/skips continuously on the Slave system - even though the network definitely has enough bandwidth. Same skipping is observed if I swap Master/Slave: Slave system would skip.

If I play any local music (eg a FLAC from a local server - Qnap connected to the same ASUS router), both systems play it stable without skipping.

Is it a known issue and is there a fix to it? Thank you

If you do the same with the sound quality reduced one notch, ie cd quality 16/44, does it work ok?

TLDR; its your wifi. Can you wire the units to the network?

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Thank you! Will try that. The question is whether there is a solution without compromising the sound quality :). I am pretty sure that the network is stable and has a lot of capacity. E.g. you can stream 2 separate songs in the same situation with no breaks/skips or watch 4K video while listening and having FaceTimes. But the multiroom with the same song is skipping

I didnt mean that as a permanent solution, merely a test. A second test is to move the atom closer to the ndx2. My assumption is the communication between the 2 units is lacking.

It sounds more like a buffer error. Can you increase buffer size on the slave?

Is there a setting to increase the buffer?

Not on the Naim boxes, no.

It’s odd that it’s fine from the Qnap but not on Qobuz. I wonder if streaming high res from the Qnap works ok? Maybe you’ve only tried it on CD quality.

The download speed of your internet isn’t really that relevant, as multiroom is using your network and it may well be it cannot cope. It’s worth wiring both of the Naim systems, albeit temporarily, just to see if that fixes it. Certainly we can multiroom Qobuz fine, but we have everything wired.

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