Multiroom Unitilite CD

Is it possible to multiroom the Uniti lite CD output. I have a uniti lite, nova, muso, and atom and would like to use the uniti lite to play CDs on the other streamers but whilst the uniti lite can be a ‘slave’ in a multiroom setup. It doesn’t appear to be able to initiate a multiroom setup.

Your Unitilite can act as a mutiroom ‘master’ as well as a client, but not for CDs. You’ll need to rip them if you want to multiroom them.

Thanks but I want to use the Unitilite as the system CD player. I do have a unitiserve with ripped CDs but the CD player sounds better and I like playing individual CDs as I do vinyl and wanted to avoid buying another CD player.
I think I’ve found a way round the problem though. I acquired the Nova to create a surround sound set up with the Nova driving Neat SX7s front and relegating the Unitilite and SX5s to the back of the room. As a result the Nova and Unitilite are physically side by side and I can use the pre amp outputs to share signals. I have done this with the Nova to the Unitilite and the effect is amazing, using multiroom if I want to extend the Nova signal elsewhere. I should be able to do the same in reverse taking the Unitilite preamp output to the Nova, thereby sharing the CD player and the Nova can then be multiroomed elsewhere…… I just need another lead. :smirk:

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Yes, that would work. The signal path is slightly messy, as the Unitilite only has a pre out, not a line out, so the signal will pass through its preamp before going to the Nova, where it will be digitised for multiroom distribution.

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I’ll let u know how it goes. Thanks for the interest.

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