Multiroom with Uniti Atom and Mu-So Issue

I am able to play multi-room (synced, playing same track) with multiple Mu-So devices but I cannot include my Uniti Atom in the multi-room. It doesn’t even show in the menu as a multi-room option if I use one of the Mu-Sos as the master. All are connected to the same network with the Mu-Sos accessing it wirelessly and the Atom using a wired connection. Multi-room worked across all of them without a hitch until about a week ago.

Any ideas on what might be causing the issue?

Have you tried rebooting the network and checked that mulitroom is enabled on the Atom?

Rebooted the network, power cycled the units, re-installed Naim app. None of that worked.

I switched over to Chromecast for multi-room and that did work. Then I switched back to native Naim multi-room and it somehow had fixed it and all of the units were available to me.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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I have a vague memory that for some files you can’t multiroom if the muso is the master, but it would be ok with the Atom as master. It may be that I am misremembering that and it might also be that I am recalling an old firmware issue that has been fixed.

Anyway if multiroom doesn’t work, try with a test file from a source that you do know does work.



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