Munich hifi show 2019

What do you expect ?
Any new products from Naim?

Looking forward to reviews of the new Vitus uber integrated- SIA-30…

According to this 8th of May thing I belief we will have to expect something from Naim. Most of my attention on the Naim stand will go to the Focal Stella Headphones…, but perhaps that changes.

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According to Apple it’ll be:

  • Naim Mu-so, 2nd Generation
  • Naim Mu-so Qb. 2nd Generation.

and probably some other goodies :wink:


The feedback dealers gave to Naim would be ignored…they will not be happy

What was the feedback @Gazza ?

Feedback was to get back to the Classic and 500 series after the Muso/QB, then Uniti range launches. The Classic and above series had been neglected for quite a while, although this has been turned around to an extent with the new streamers. So a new Muso i do not think would be welcomed. A dealer will not be making very much money on a Muso or QB…and when it goes wrong cannot be repaired. They have the hassle of replacing with Naim or alternative resolution.
There is a desire from dealers for Naim to get back into active crossovers and the Kudos turnaround was from some dealer input…you may not make the speakers, but sell a snaxo and a few power amps?


Judging by the lighting and circle surrounding the teaser date, it seems likely that the new products are muso level . Having “worked my way up” to a 282 hcdr and 250 dr from 200/202 , I can see why it is unlikely that the true separates - classic series will receive much attention-

the prices new have gotten very high
their really is no longer a dealer network that welcomes trades (the business model has changed)
Alot of naim users actively seek out used equipt. because new is just too high and no matter what level, if something new comes out - it will have to be expensive.
space and living styles no longer favor multiple boxes - especially when good sound can be had with far fewer boxes - perhaps not to the nth degree that some of us (still) want.


I think their is a grain of truth in your copy. I guess a lot of people are looking at a good sound but which doesn’t intrude in their living room design…, and indeed for many the costs will be too high…, however…, we have also seen in the last years a growing interest for state of the art Hifi, so let’s see how the marketplace evolves.

If this is true which it might well be in my eyes, the question will be what will the numbers 2 bring as additional benefits. Anyhow it’s clear that these type of products have a shorter life cycle than the classic line products…

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But it’s not really about dealers. It’s about what customers want, and without customers there would be no dealers. Naim sell thousands and thousands of mu-sos and Qbs. How many people would buy a Snaxo for Kudos? Ten? Twenty? There are only a few elite Naim dealers who do this ultra high level active stuff. The majority make their living from mu-so, Uniti and the odd Classic box.


As I understand it Naim are continuing their drive to component integration. The new Qb 2, based on requests from customers who so often use them in the kitchen where worktop space is at a premium, will include an integrated toaster.


We’ll be waiting for a coffee dial.

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At the end of the day Naim (Focal) and the investment beanies understandably want a good ROI/EBIT, just because we all like (or in my cased liked) lots of boxes, i truly believe the single lifestyle type systems (single box) are eating or substituting into the sales.

Either as a standalone or as many on the forum with multi box systems, now adding a few Uniti or Muso’s to various rooms, as standalone or even party mode.

The problem now is the dealer revolt maybe, if margins or so tight on the Muso (maybe for the dealer, but i doubt for Naim) then Naim will have a dealer preference issue.

Like any dealer, car, beds, whatever they will try and sway you to what’s the best margin for them.

Alas everyone is in it for profit (understandable), I recall around 20 yrs ago at a dealer in central London, nice young graduate sales guy (Naim expert), I was stretching (budget) to an active system was a push, as we got talking he told me one of the reasons for the job was he got circa 50% off as a dealer discount.

Ok purely for speculative fun.

So back to Munich, should Naim sell 5,000 ND555 (£65M Sales / Maybe £20M Profit) or sell 50,000 Muso 2 (£50M sales / Maybe £30M Profit).

So cue the Vervent board meeting.

Guys should we spend £M’s on intensive R&D, investment to make a new classic range, to make £10M less profit than going the Muso 2.

It would be more prudent to go Muso 2, then the Classic range start offering ala DR type upgrades, which is essentially what Linn seem to have done, but started with a clean sheet and offer it as a modular upgrade path, as opposed to a messy retro fit.

Either way even the retro fit upgrade with trickle down technology to the Classic range, would keep the masses interested, dealer margins stable (maybe dealer fit) and not all the clean sheet ball ache (investment and resources).


Naim would be ecstatic if they made those margins! Once you have removed VAT and the dealer margin, not to mention the costs of labour, materials and overheads, the actual profit is very modest in comparison with sales. Certainly the dealer margin is much higher on Uniti and Classic than mu-so and a dealer might not be happy with that. But if they open their eyes they will realise that it’s the mu-sos that capture new buyers for Naim and by extension for them.

Yes, Naim say that exact thing in this article:

Yes, it was reading that article when you posted it earlier that made me confident to say it. I’d always though it was the case, but was surprised that as many as 85% of new Naim customers come via mu-so. It makes sense really, though the trick of course is converting those happy to spend £650 into those happy to spend ten times as much, or even a hundred times at much. I wonder what proportion of first time Qb buyers go on to buy Uniti or Classic products?

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I know someone who first bought a qb who now has 552, 300, nd555, two 555ps, seven levels of fraim, and full super lumina speaker and interconnect set. Will probably get a 500 next year (been via cds3, 272 as well)

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The last filing Naim made to companies house was £1 mil pretax profit on £27 mil sales. They are a minnow compared to the likes of Sony etc who can afford to discount, make market mistakes etc.


they are excellent Bert…