Munich Show - Innuos Statement demo

Did anyone actually go to the Munich show?

And if you did, did you near the Innuos demo of their original Statement versus the new version with next-gen power supply, and what were your impressions?

I thought @BertBird was going to do his usual excellent report.

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Hi William, I will in the next days - I broke my leg so I was a couple of days not focussed on these type of things….promise it will come in time….


oh dear hope you are ok and that it heals quickly

Thanks will be a longer story. Next week Thursday operation and then 6-8 weeks in which I can’t put pressure on the leg. At the point of operation I am already 1,5 weeks without pressure on the leg, so about 7,5 to 10 weeks, before real recovery can start…… in the summertime as well, so it will be “fun”….

Sorry to hear this @BertBird sounds like quite a bad break from the recovery time you mention.
I guesss the positives are that it’s Summer so lots of time to get your legs brown whilst wearing shorts, as well as plenty of time to catch up on some music listening while recovering.
Get well soon Bert.

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Sorry to hear that, Bert. Get well soon.

Good god, Bert! May it mend fast and strong.

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Sorry to hear that Bert, hope the op goes well and you recuperate quickly

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Oh nasty, hope things mend soonest


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I was also in general amazed on how many suppliers do a bad job in presenting their products in the best way……, I really don’t understand it.

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Fully agree with this. It was my first time at the show and it soon became clear that most dealers’ demos were useless for judging sound quality.

But the funniest moment for me was when the youngster running the Linn demo decided, “We’ll start the demo with some electronic music from Liquorice Tambourine*” – I’ve never seen a room full of fifty-year-olds empty so fast. Talk about (not) reading the room…

*It was something to do with liqourice – I’d certainly never heard of them.

By the way, did I miss the Naim stand? I found Focal-Naim, but all there was from Naim was a bunch of Atom HEs to support headphone demos. If there was a bigger Naim stand, where was it?

There was no bigger Naim stand and indeed I was also dissapointed. In the past Naim had a big space with a special demo space and other spaces to display the range. Perhaps it was also a show thing as also other brands had a smaller room as before. I liked the older setup more as some of the key brands could better show what they have on display.
For the weird experience at the Linn room was that they played the LP12 with the direct digital conversion in the chassis. And it can be that I am biased, but I found it weird clean - and comparing similar to the streamed music, which was odd to me…

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Get well soon @BertBird


I just started the Munich Show report - so have a look when you enjoy….


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