MUON Pro Streaming System

I finally tried this and it’s really amazing - really highly recommended trying out. It’s filtering various types of noise.

As I have been using already a sophisticated galvanic isolation solution consisting of a EtherRegen switch with Finisar SFPs and a Sonore OpticalModule Deluxe V2, both running with a Farad Super3 (including Furutech inlet and SR Purple fuse) I hardly couldn’t imagine that there would be still much noise / area for improvement.

Though replacing this with the MUON Pro streaming system made a huge improvement - finally getting my whole streaming setup to the next level.

@Nemo @T-elmi Did you try the Muon / Muon Pro too already?


It’s worth giving a try
I am already „touring“ around my Hi-Fi friends homes and they are surprised too :smile:

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