Music 1

Has anyone figured out a work around for a Play Music streaming other that Bluetooth? Is their any possibility that M 1 will get an upgrade to support Chrome? Thanks for ant times or insights.

Hi, can you explain what you mean by M1/Music 1?

The original Naim Muso vs the 2nd generation. We have the first version. I am wondering if it possible the Google Chrome to work with it? I expect it might not come an update from NAIM.

Google Chrome is a web browser but I’m suspecting that you are referring to Chromecast Audio which is something else completely.

Naim don’t have plans to upgrade the older models. You could attach a Chromecast audio device to the Muso to add that feature.

The original Muso will not get Chromecast integration. If you have devices that cannot use AirPlay, I would buy a used Chromecast Audio and connect it to the optical input.

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