Music Access and Metadata Questions in Naim App

When I am accessing ripped CDs thru my Synology NAS, it seems a tad laborious to get to the actual music.
I touch UPnP, then NAS, then Music, then By Folder.
Then my list of Genres displays, and I touch Classical, and get the list of Artists; but this list is just a folder outline, with a name underneath such as Anne Sofie Mutter … shouldn’t it be displaying the Album Art at this point to assist in the selection?

And even then, there’s still two more hits {Anne, then Mozart}, to get to the actual album where the Artwork is shown.
And then, OMG, a final two hits {the Track, then Play Track}, to finally hear something.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do like using the Naim App, but I must be doing something wrong with my File Management, or my naming conventions within DbPoweramp, for access to be this tiresome.

Any thoughts, I can’t be the only one? Btw, I use Minimserver.
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

A NAS with Asset UPnP is a lot simpler than you are experiencing. It a long while since I used Minimserver so maybe someone else can help.
With Asset I touch UPnP on the Naim app & that opens Asset, touch the Asset icon & that opens my browsing tree options which include Album Artist, Album, Genre, Composer & more

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Thank you, Mike. I’ll get Asset and have a go. I’ve only ripped about 25 CDs so far. I stopped until I got this figured out. What you describe is what I’m looking for.

The other issue is that you are browsing by folder. It’s better to use the metadata - album, artist, genre etc. Minim will let you do that.

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Yes - thanks HH - meant to point that out in my post
I do have view by Folder set in my Asset browse tree, thinking I might be another way to find albums I might get with messed up metadata, but I’ve never had need to use it

Thanks HH, I’l give that a try and see what I get.

With the UnitiCore, you touch Upnp (or Servers if it’s called that on your streamer) and if you are already in Albums or New Music (which is where I normally start) there they all are laid out before your eyes.

Much easier without a NAS apparently …



If you’re seeing all this stuff in Folder View, it’s because you have created this folder/subfolder structure yourself and that’s what you’re browsing. It’s fine to do that if it’s your preference, but servers are really intended to allow you to browse metadata rather than files. The folder structure then becomes irrelevant, and albums by the same artist don’t need to be in the same folder, or even on the same hard drive, in order to be viewed and browsed properly.
Having a consistent method of applying metadata should get you to the point where you can easily search by artist, genre, composer, conductor or whatever else you choose (using tag view if you stick with Minimserver.)

Regarding artwork, the folder you happen to use for any particular artist is just a dumb folder that might contain anything. Some servers will allocate artwork it takes from one of the albums to the artist. The Core can do this, but as far as I’m aware, Minimserver can’t.

That certainly does sound a lot easier. But I’m into the NAS at this point so I’ll see it thru, and with the help of some NAS experienced members, I should eventually get it. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something that’s not quite right. I’m a new NASer.

Right then … I kinda thought I wasn’t doing things quite properly. I’ll have a thorough look at Minim, and my folders and everything, before I make any software changes.
I’m not a complete twit, so that should help …
And I believe you mentioned something called mp3tag ? to me a while ago. I’ll havea look.

I’m not a Minim user but it seems it can display a picture that is saved in the folder:

When displaying a folder in folder view, MinimServer looks for artwork using the following search order:

  • A file named folder.jpg, folder.png, cover.jpg or cover.png in the folder, using the case-matching search order described in steps 6 to 9 above
  • Artwork in JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP format embedded within an audio file in the folder. If more than one audio file in the folder has embedded artwork, the artwork from the first such file encountered when scanning the folder is used.

Much more info on

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Thanks so much for that info @Suedkiez, and I’ll check out that link this weekend.

Does the same on non Naim hardware to I have NAS and Asset and it remembers where your were browsing. I still find it highly annoying that you have to be at a certain level to filter for stuff. Why Naim doesn’t implement a simple search from top level is is beyond me. Other apps can manage this quite easily.

As a Mac user my preferred metadata editor is Metadatics, but for PC I think you would be looking at MP3tag or DBpoweramp.

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I’m a PC (Windows) user & have both Mp3Tag & dBpoweramp.
I use dBp for checking, minor editing & web search for better/different album art.
For serious editing, finding missing metadata etc, Mp3Tag is the best tool by far.

NB: dBpoweramp have just updated the software; 17.3 for Windows & 17.4 for Mac
Get it via the usual Retrieve Your Order process & its waiting for you. It installs over whatever you have now & keeps all your last used settings

Thanks Mike, and I’ll make sure I have the latest version of BbP as well.

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