Music added to NAS Drive not being "seen" by streamers

I’ve just added several LP’s to my NAS drive.

I can’t “see” the added files on my UnitiQute 2 nor my NAC-N 272. This applies on both the Naim App and scrolling through the menu on the streamers’ screens.

I have already tried rebooting the NAS Drive with the streamers switched off.

They are visible when searching the NAS Drive on my PC.

Please can someone help me resolve this?

What media server software is running, and have you told it to rescan the music folders? Are the new files contained within folders that are included in the scan?

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As said above, you need to tell your Upnp / DLNA media server to update its library if not doing it automatically. Ensure the UPnP media server can see the directories or shares where your media files are.

Once your UPnP media server has updated its files it then allows your Naim streamers to select and play them. Think of your UPnP media server as a web server, and your streamer and Naim app as a web browser.

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I see your NAS is a QNAP HL251, & as asked by Robert, what UPnP media server software are you using.
Most users on this forum use Asset or Minimserver UPnP software with QNAP & other NAS brands. Both can be set to auto-detect changes in the library, or you just need to remember to do it manually, which is what your problem is.

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@Lanesra, if you are you using Asset server it should pick up the new albums automatically. If you’re using Minimserver, you need to instruct it to rescan your media folder. This is usually done via MinimWatch. If neither of these, I am sure someone using the same server can help if you identify it.


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@robert_h, @Simon-in-Suffolk, @Mike-B, @PeakMan
I’m using Minimserver. I’ve just rescanned it and it’s resolved the issue image

I don’t recall having to do that before. Usually, I just reboot the NAS Drive.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Simon Nash has said that automatic scanning is in the development schedule for Minim 2 (as well as having a “recently added” feature like Asset). I really hope these improvements come along soon.


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