Music at the Queen's Funeral

I am sure a number of folks on this board are watching or have watched the Queen’s funeral today, but I just wanted to comment on the absolutely stunning choral singing from Westminster Abbey. It’s no surprise, but the music was well planned and beautifully performed. What I have been able to watch of the procession and the funeral so far today was of course a public event, but it felt incredibly intimate and moving as well. I think the music has a lot to do with that. The hymns were well chosen. The Hubert Parry anthem was particularly memorable, I felt.


The descants and State Trumpeters on the final verses of the hymns were absolutely crackerjack. The new choral piece by James MacMillan was very good too.

Here’s the full order of service for the Abbey service, including all the music:

And here’s the same for the later service in St George’s Chapel:

The organist at St George’s is a friend of my daughter and her boyfriend - glad he did well. Can’t be easy playing for an audience of millions all over the planet.



I thought the Russian Contakion for the Departed was stunning.
not sure I spelt it right.


It’s usually spelled Kontakion, but I wouldn’t worry about it. They are extraordinarily moving words:

All we go down to the dust,
And weeping o’er the grave we make our song:
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia


Yes indeed, outstanding music, coral, military & all sorts, especially bettered by feeding the TV sound through my Naim.

Also most noteworthy was the precision of the military, absolutely stunning in every respect.

A memorable day, sad & poignant & in more ways than one for me.


Sad that the BBC did not broadcast the last organ piece before the Committal: Rhosymedre. I had hoped for the funeral music for Queen Mary (just for the kettledrums you understand). Apart from this the choral work was stunning.

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Yes, this was a really moving piece.


I suspect more than millions. The BBC this morning suggested billions would watch it.

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That was possibly the piece that moved me most. It was correctly identified as Kontakion on the BBC broadcast.

I was also grateful that current world events had not precluded such a beautiful item being included in the undoubtedly pre-planned events.


I had not looked up the piece, but it was definitely Russian-sounding! Reminded me of Chesnokov’s “Salvation is Created”. I love the low-voice textures and the syllabification of A-lle-lu-i-a. Chills.

Although these pieces were not played at the funeral, this recording of the extraordinary music for Queen Mary’s funeral by Purcell is given the trumpet treatment.

Is it me or was ITV louder on audio than the BBC and slightly colour variation

Definitely a day , when playing the music through the Naim enhanced it greatly.

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Can be heard somewhere now?
Have you listened to it on the bbc live?


Sky News had the entire day on YouTube. I watched/listened part of the committal service a day after it happened. I suspect it is still there.

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