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PFM (Premiata, Forneria, Marconi) - Four holes in the ground from their second album The world became the world.

Marconi Union. Riser.
Kind of sounds like a present day interpretation of @Innocent_Bystander input of 1970s prog rock.

The Strawbs - Part of the Union

From a time when the Trades Unions in Britain were getting a bit big for their boots (leading to a backlash against them which swung the power too far the other way).

Glass onion - The Beatles, this version from one of their Anthology albums:

Bowie’s classic Breaking Glass from the album Low.

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Blondie - Heart of Glass

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From her Breaking Glass album, this is Hazel O’Connor’s superb song * Will you?*, my favourite track of hers - and with one of the very few sax solos I really, really like:


I really loved this back in the day
Haven’t heard it for years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the video.

Edgar Broughton Band - Green Lights from the album Oora

Blinking Lights and other Revelations by Eels


Revelation by RPWL from their Wanted album

REM Losing My Regilion

Everybody Dies - Ayreon

Queens of the Stone Age - Everybody Knows That You’re Insane

Lullaby by Wishbone Ash from their second album Pilgrimage