Music Chain

Ha. Saw them live in about 79/80. De Montfort Hall in Leicester. Who could forget the Bass player. Quite loud if I recall.

I also bought this,still got the free ticket that was included,for the Rainbow,but never went ! Good booklet with it as well.

Wow, two other people who have heard of them!

Getting back on track The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

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It’s a Mr Wee.

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Culture Club It’s a Miracle

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It’s a miracle - Roger Waters, from his excellent Amused to Death album:

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Bowie The Laughing Gnome

Laughin’ tackle by Quatermass from their eponymous first album

Soundgarden Halfway There

Not sure what the link is?

Quarter - half :grin:

Lose but there’s been looser.

Garden by the Groundhogs, from the album Thank Christ for the Bomb.

Beach Boys God Only Knows

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Love this song.

Van der Graaf Generator - Theme one: Released as an extra track on CD releases of the album Pawn hearts

AC/DC TNT (live)

Fish: Perfume river, from the album A feast of consequences

Lovely song.

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