Music chord cables or second 555psdr

For my 500 system,what is more important to upgrade… adding a second 555psdr to my nd555 or chord music interconnect and T-sarum between 552/500… already for a long time I’m using super lomina interconnect…both for me are too much to afford,what is more important to add?

I like what a second 555 ps does to the nd555, it some how brings the music together even more. Not sure on the cables as i have not heard them.

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Perhaps not very helpful but if possible, I would borrow cables from a local dealer to ascertain if Chord offers a sound quality more to your liking than super lumina - not everyone agrees on this subject matter. Probably the easiest bit to decide on and may make a decision on a second ps more clear cut for you.


Having tried all three, I would upgrade the XLR between 552 and 500 first. It’s by far the weakest link. Then I would look at the Chord Music IC, finally I would get a second 555PSU home for a trial and if you think its an upgrade, do it.

I have upgraded the XLR’s and IC but didn’t go for the second 555 PSU, I thought it was a step in the wrong direction.

I’d agree with you.

I’ve heard all three (although the 2nd 555 was with an NDS not an ND555). I’d go further and also recommend having a listen to a set of Music Din XLRs, which are not too dissimilar pricewise to SLs. IMO Sarum T is quite a step up on SL in this application but Music advances things by a huge leap. I believe Skip, who also posts here, has done the same.

:small_blue_diamond:@Meni,…When we is at this price-level,.so borrow home and listen for yourself…Always.

You do not know how those who give advice have installed their music-system.
If the music-system is not optimally installed,.so maybe the new product more compensates for a possible error instead of giving an improvement.

But your own system is known by you,.with all possible faults and shortcomings.
It is interesting with reviews from others,.but evaluate the new product in your own system before you buy it.


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Generally I would agree with your sentiment, particularly in relation to myself! I would however, note that Nigel (Polarbear) has been a massive contributor to the forum for many years and every word tendered suggests a dogged approach to getting the best possible results. I have met Dave a couple of times and seen his system set up and he is simply a perfectionist. I would take their advice as a very valuable starting point. I don’t think they contradict one another and all signs point in the direction of home demo for some cables. Good luck with your decision making.


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At the electronics level you are, interconnects at the same quality level are required to show the best of the chain. While the 2nd ps is also a fantastic upgrade I would suggest to first get the interconnect sorted. But as mentioned before try it out yourself, it needs to be the best step for your ears…

Wow, thanks Peder for pointing out my/our less than optimal set up techniques.

Do you offer optimal set up lessons? Perhaps you could post optimal set up instructions on YouTube? What do you say, oh enlightened one? :grin:

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