Music do you go through fads

As per title really
I’m going through a 70s fad at the moment
Van Morrison
Creadence clear water
The usual suspects
Just finding it so relaxing at the moment to chill to it’s easy going music

I’m always going through fads of this or that favourites of the moment, currently Bad Company are in vogue in chez Colin, next week who knows. Usually 70s or 60s stuff, mostly 70s

Nah, not really. I try to listento as much new stuff as I can and find that I still don’t like the style of music I always didn’t like, and still like the stuff I always did. I listen to a mix of old stuff from my youth as well pretty evenly.

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I do play music according to my mood and the time of day to avoid upsetting the neighbours! I’d say though that my musical taste has broadened over the last few years. I listen to quite a bit of folk, country/americana, and to a lesser extent jazz as well as pop and rock. Having a streamer has certainly aided that process, helped also by listening to Radio Paradise regularly!


Have you tried band of love folk fever it’s brilliant

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No, I will try that one Archie, thanks mate!

No problem but be warned its different

I’m fairly broadminded with an eclectic taste in music. You don’t know whether you like something until you have heard it!

I often follow a theme, maybe for a day, weekend, week - perhaps focussing on heavy rock, or prog, or classical or opera, but I don’t think it is a fad. All comes from my music collection.

I go through fads all the time, especially quirky or exotic ones that i binge for a while and then move on. A couple of them in the last year were Central Asian folk music (Kazakhstan/Kirgyzstan etc), K-pop/J-pop, Russian Hard Bass and Indian film music.

All warmly recommended to try out! :slight_smile:


Quite enjoying listening to a band’s back catalogue in order, seeing how their style developed. Recently done it with R.E.M., Muse, now just starting on Eurythmics!


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