Music for your feets

Sometimes a listening session evolves from the first couple of tracks. Yesterday I found myself playing tracks that had me turning up the wick and had my feet tapping. No choice, my feets had their own agenda.
“Never miss the water” Chaka Kahn & Me’Shell Ndegeocello
“Jesus Children of America” Stevie Wonder
“I thought it was you” Herbie Hancock
etc etc etc
What music causes your loss of control of your toes?


Hearing music I recognise and like in an unexpected situation - e.g. while watch a film. It can be any style of music with a discernible rhythm - classical, rock, anything. (Unlike some people I neither expect music to instil foot tapping, nor see it as a measure of sound quality - it can be the poorest quality sound through the crummiest of outputs yet still trigger a response,)

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I enjoy the upbeat, toe-tapping music of Throbbing Gristle.


I’ve heard of them but not heard them if you know what I mean. I love the juke box that is the NDX2 +Tidal + Roon.

How about some reggae? I got this the other day and there are moments when moving to the rhythm is irresistible - and it doesn’t just move the feet. It’s great to have both concerts complete.


You got me shuffling through the living room there, great stuff :man_dancing:

Here’s a few others that i like:

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My feets respond to this:




Check out my thread from Jan 2019:

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I can see that it’s a similar vein. I was hoping for suggestions to listen to. The beauty of streaming is that you can listen to a whole new world of music previously unknown and maybe buy the vinyl later. Also if there’s one thing Naim kit does well, it gets into the groove and enjoyment.

Me too :wink:

Poobli Alphonse Mouzon
LP12, Chrome Bumper into Briks
Get those twinkle toes going.


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