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Hi all,

My QNAP NAS is throwing all sorts of errors, which i will resolve. However i used to rip all CD’s via DB Poweramp to the NAS. Sometime ago i brought a Uniti Core, and like the ease of ripping etc. I have a 2TB Samsung SSD drive on it that is used as a Music Store. I would like to take all my rips from the NAS onto another external SSD drive and plug that into the Uniti Core thus keeping things separate. I’m wondering can i just drag n drop files from the NAS onto a drive and then just connect that drive to the Uniti Core? Or would i need to go through a formatting process etc? All i want is to transfer files. I could do it across the network and suspect this would take an age due to the file size of the rips on the NAS.

Your words of wisdom are welcome to make this a painless process…i hope!

Hi Dusty, Naim servers keep their own CD rips in one folder, and everything else in a separate folder called Downloads. So do you really need a different physical location? The Naim server will, in any case, merge everything into a single library for browsing and playback, but if you look at them through a computer, you can still see the separate folders.

Although Chris is right in what he says, in fact you can do exactly what you want with the Core.

If you copy all of your ripped files to your USB HDD and then plug it into the Core, you can then set the new disc as a music share in “manage music” and the Core will then index all the music in the share and offer it to you via the Naim app as one collection with the files on your internal music store.

So there is no need to use the download folder or the internal SSD for this purpose at all.



Hi Chris & David, Thank you guys. The music file size on the NAS is too big for SSD on the Uniti Core, hence loading the music onto an external hard drive from the NAS and then plugging into the Uniti core. I wasn’t sure about formatting the drive etc.

No you don’t need to worry about formatting it as long as it is formatted! So if you are using a PC to move stuff from your NAS to the HDD, I would just format it to NTFS. But the Core can read it whether it’s formatted for Windows, Mac or Linux.

You do need to format it specially if it’s going to be a Music Store rather than a Share. The Core does it for you so it’s easy.

Incidentally you could leave it all on your NAS and define that as a share for your Core, but you do have to a good working network and getting the Core to see network shares seems a bit uncertain currently. I believe Naim have it in mind to address that in the next firmware update for the Core but when that will be is anyone’s guess.



Thank you David,

So…more questions I’m afraid!!!

It would seem that i have over 1TB for music. I need to down size this folder of music. I noticed that in my HD folder i had the ZIP file of albums as well as the unzipped folder as well. Obviously this would not be needed and i have moved that off the drive, thus making the overall folder a wee bit smaller. Is there a program that i can use to check file/folders sizes fairly easily as windows explorer doesn’t show me? I would then be able to identify fairly quickly where all the data is being used.
Obviously i need to do some “house keeping” on this music folder and tidy it up!

Ok,I have found a program called Treesize which seems to work well. I need to investigate further to see where all the data is being used.


It would seem i have 1.6TB of music on the NAS. I’m not even sure if i could ever listen to all that at my age!!!
I have a 1.82 TB Samsung SSD 860 drive in the Unit core with 1.64 TB available. Therefore if I transferred the 1.6TB from the NAS to the SSD drive on the UC,it would obviously fill it up.

How would your guys tackle this? How would you transfer that amount of data from the NAS to the UC in the quickest way?

I wouldn’t transfer that much data to the Core because it gets unpredictable in performance when you get near to full on the music store.

If it were me, I would set up a folder on the NAS called “maybe not” or similar and transfer couple of hundred GBs to that and then transfer the rest.

As to how to transfer, I would probably move them onto a USB HDD and then plug that into the Core and import them using the app.

You could leave them in the NAS and set that up as a share. But maybe I suggested that already?


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Hi David,

Thank you for your insights, greatly appreciated.

My thoughts were to consolidate music from the NAS onto an external drive and connect that to the USB port on the rear of the Uniti Core. This would mean when the NAS does firmware updates etc and anything else that stops the UC from seeing the NAS would solve occasional problems that i encounter from time to time and thus use the NAS as a back up to my music.I must confess to not realising i had so much music, and i also need to tidy up that folder.

Eeeesh lots of work to do!!!

Yes that would work. One of the great things about the Core is that you don’t have to import the music. You can indeed have on a USB HDD and make it a share, then as far as the app is concerned it indexes the music just the same and presents it to you as a consolidated collection.



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