Music library transfer from MAC PC to UNITI CORE very slow

First!! Good evening to all audiophile friends.
I’ve NDX2 network streamer and I just completed with the purchase of Untiti Core within Samsung 2TB ssd.
in the same network SYNOLOGY DS220+ NAS. Net cable CAT7
I ask anyone who can give me a certain answer about the slowness to copy a music folder of a few gigabytes from the pc to united core while the same copy from the PC to the NAS is very fast, so much so that I had to disconnect the SSD from united core and connect it directly to the pc to transfer the entire music library.
all peripherals are wired into the same network server and with identical network cables. I wonder if this difference in speed can also compromise the quality of the music, since I don’t find big difference in listening between identical songs saved on the NAS and corresponding on UNITED CORE.
Thanks in advance

Transfer in and out of the Core is slow, however you do it. If you had 1 TB of files, I would expect it to take about 24 hours, however you did it.

I don’t know why this is and transferring directly by taking the SSD directly to a PC won’t affect the sound quality. After all, a bit is just a bit! You probably shouldn’t transfer music into the Music/MQ folder this way though as you might well find the Core won’t index it properly.

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