Music on Muso 1 without the App using an Android phone

Is that specific enough? :grinning:

A close friend is remodeling a house that she plans to use for a upscale vacation rental. I wanted to get her a gift, knew she was looking for a music source, found some good prices and picked up a Muso 1.

She can’t expect her guests to all have the Naim app, so I’m trying to see what can be done without it. I have an iPhone, so it looks like I’m in luck. There are multiple ways for me to stream my music without needing the app. But what are the alternatives with an Android phone? I’d test it myself but I don’t have one. And most of my friends are in the iOSphere.

Here are my thoughts so far:

Analogue connection. Easy if there is a headphone jack on the phone, but what if it has a USB-C connection? Is there an adaptor similar to the iPhone dongle?

Bluetooth. I assume this should work.

Digital connection. Similar to the iPhone charger cable. Does it exist?

Alas, a Chromecast Audio would have been a great solution. Can I jury-rig a connection from the HDMI plug on a standard Chromecast to one of the Muso inputs?

Wait! It looks like You can get an Airplay app for an android phone. Will that do the trick?

The easiest way for guests to use it would be with Spotify. It’s probably the most widely used streaming service, so anyone who has it on their phone can cast it to the Muso from the Spotify app using Spotify Connect. No need for the Naim app.
If you can get hold of the discontnued Chromecast Audio that will make it easier for Android users. Connect it with an optical cable.
For iPhone users there’s built in Airplay support, which will suit Apple Music subscribers.

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Thanks. I’m a Tidal guy myself, but I tried the free Spotify app and it said I needed Spotify Premium to test that.

And I do have an extra ChromeCast Audio. Leery about giving it up as the one in use will inevitably fail someday. Last resort only.

Presumably guests would be in the same room as the Muso? I would also presume that if it’s for guests then the owner has no skin on the game as to whether any device used is iOS or Android? Happy to be corrected on both.

A cheap refurbed phone or similar set to guided mode with only the Naim app would surely solve everything. Left in the room for guests.

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