Music on server mot visible

My Unity Atom has a cable connection to my server as well as my Synology disk where my music library is stored. Since recently my android Naim app doesn’t ‘see’ the music anymore. However it does see the server Synology. The Naim app on the iPad does see the server and the albums; and works well.
I have uninstalled the android app and reinstalled it…same situation. I have reset the server and router…same situation. The later software is installed on the Atom.
Anyone a suggestion what might help to get the android app functioning as it should?

What upnp server are you using on the Synology? Asset and Minimserver are by far the most popular on here.

If the Naim app on the iPad is working as intended, that seems to isolate the issue to your Android phone. That’s the good news. Ive never used an Android device so I cant help with that unfortunately.

Both devices are connected by cable and iPad and mobile connect via wifi. So no upnp necessary

If you are playing music stored on a NAS to a streamer, controlled by the Naim app, you must be using a UPnP server. Presumably the bundled Synology server?

Hi Chris, I dont know what a bundled server is. But since the same app on the iPad is working alright it must be something with Android…

The Synology NAS will have some sort of upnp server pre-installed. It should work with Android but perhaps doesn’t. Asset and Minimserver are both known to work well with both IOS and Android so why not download one of them and see how it goes. You can get a basic Minimserver that is always free to use or a 21 day trial of Asset. If either of them work with your Android device then the problem is with whatever upnp server was bundled with the Synology NAS

By ‘bundled’ I mean the Synology server that they provide on their NAS. Unless you have a server running somewhere on your network, the streamer won’t work, so I’m guessing that’s the one you’re running.
If you log into the NAS and look in Package Centre, you’ll see it listed as Media Server, and you’ll be able to see if it’s running. It’s quite a basic server, but no reason why it shouldn’t work.
Having said that, if the Naim app on iPad sees the music, the server is obviously running, so it points to an issue on the Android device.

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